The Learning Team are working hard to develop a series of resources for use by visitors with SEND. This page will share what is available so please keep coming back as we will be adding more resources over time.

Prepare for Your Visit

We have created a Visual Story to help you prepare for your visit to the museum. This guide will help walk you through a visit, showing you the route through the galleries, the signage and other facilities on site.

We have also created a PECS style set of pictures/ symbols to help you plan the sequence of your visit to the museum. The symbols match those on the pictorial version of the museum map. You are welcome to print, laminate and cut out to add to personal boards before visiting the museum. Some of the key signage is also included.

A work in progress… we are in the process of creating a schools version of the PECS planning board, which will include images representing the workshops schools may be attending.

Visit Resources

Please click on the links to print these handy resources at home and prepare for your trip.

Superhero Sensory Sacks


We are pleased to announce that the Superhero Sensory Sacks are now available to borrow during your visits.

The Superhero Sensory Sacks are available to help make your visit more enjoyable and help your special Superhero keep calm as you explore the museum.

Included in each superhero sack:

  • Ear defenders
  • A magnifier
  • ‘Today I will visit’ PECS style planning board
  • Reins
  • A character puppet
  • A torch
  • 7 x fidget toys
  • Picture guide to the museum with ‘sensory safe’ zone marked
  • Photo content list
  • Museum quiz sheet and pencil

Click to view full content list and guide to sensory sacks

These are free to borrow by signing them out at the main reception desk and leaving some form of ID as security (passport/driving license/ bank card) This is stored securely and returned when the backpack is returned.


The visit planning board is designing to help families plan their visit around the museum and is in a similar style to the PECS communication boards used in schools an at home. They use the same symbols we have on our pictorial museum map guide.


Relaxed, ‘Sensory Safe’ Zone

We have a ‘pop-up’ sensory safe blackout tent available to use.  Alongside this we have sensory circle floor tiles, light-up maracas and a fibre optic lamp. Please call ahead to ensure that this can be made available for your use. (We are subject to space at certain times and as a result, unable to have this available at all the times.)

Family Flexi Return Ticket

We are committed to being an accessible venue for all neurodiverse visitors, including those with autism and ADHD. We also understand that sometimes you may need to leave very quickly, due to a variety of different circumstances surrounding an individual’s needs in your SEND group.

With this in mind, we would like to offer you the chance to return to the museum for free within a week of purchasing your initial ticket, (should you have to leave unexpectedly within an hour of entry). Please ask one of our team on the front desk upon exit.

If you require further information or if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please call 01202 882533 or email us at [email protected]

For more information regarding SEND in museums around the country, go to