Rebellion and Revolt

Museum of East Dorset Unveils new exhibition “Rebellion and Revolt”

Brace yourselves for a summer steeped in intrigue and conflict as the Museum of East Dorset unveils its captivating new exhibition, Rebellion and Revolt. Opening its doors this spring, this thought-provoking exhibit delves into two pivotal national struggles that profoundly impacted Dorset: the English Civil War of the 1640s and the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685.

Rebellion and Revolt isn’t just about battles and bloodshed. It’s about the agonising choices that ordinary Dorset residents faced during these turbulent times. Imagine the year is 1642. Parliament has clashed with the Crown, plunging the nation into civil war. Do you side with the Roundheads, champions of Parliament? Or do you cast your lot with the Cavaliers, loyal to King Charles I? The answer wasn’t straightforward. Religious beliefs, political allegiances, and even family ties could pull you in opposing directions. This exhibition will challenge visitors to consider the moral complexities of these conflicts and the potentially fatal consequences of picking the wrong side.

Young history buffs, assemble! Family fun is plentiful at the Museum of East Dorset. Unleash your inner detective with a new themed trail around the museum, free crafts and ‘Decide Your Side’ dressing up. Will you be with the rebellious Roundheads or the cunning Cavaliers?

Little Explorers Mini Musketeers, a morning of fun children’s craft activities, will be held on Tuesday, 28th May. Museum admission is not included but is free with Annual Passes.

Rebellion and Revolt goes beyond simply revisiting history. This summer, history will come alive in Wimborne. History buffs won’t want to miss the thrilling “Battle for Wimborne” reenactment staged by the English Civil War Society in May. In September, the Wimborne Militia will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Museum of East Dorset’s exhibition serves as a perfect companion piece to these exciting local events, offering deeper insights into the historical context that shaped Dorset.

The Museum of East Dorset would like to thank the English Civil War Society and the Wimborne Militia for kindly donating many of the items on display in the exhibition. 

Rebellion and Revolt will open on Saturday 27th April and run until Saturday 12th October 2024. Museum admission applies.