Date: Tuesday 13th April

Time: 10.00am – 12.30pm

Price: £22.00

Categories: Adult Workshop

Zoom Dorset Button Workshop – Dorset Buttons for beginners with Anna McDowell
During this 2½ hour session, participants will learn how to make a ‘thread’ button called a Dorset Cartwheel Button, like the image.

During the workshop, I will aim to:

• offer a bespoke help – even online
• adapt the lesson to you
• assess everybody’s needs & expectations

The session will start with welcoming you all, introductions, and a short introduction to the history of Dorset Buttons cottage industry. I will then outline the four stages that go to making up one of these buttons:

• Casting – covering the ring
• Slicking – turning ridge to the back of ring
• Laying – making the spokes
• Rounding – filling in the button

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and I will cover some of the more difficult parts of button making such as how to keep your spokes evenly spaced, show you how to keep your centres in the centre, and when and how to join threads.
Whilst you are working on your buttons, I am available for questions and any help you may require. You will have a time to share your experience with the group and learn from each other.

Materials required for this workshop (not included) are:
• A ring – I advise that the ring should be around 25mm wide and the thread wither a size #8 or #5 cotton Perla or a 4ply knitting yarn. To give you a rough guide you will need approximately 3 metres of thread (all one length) for the 16mm and 19mm ring and more for the 25mm ring. Thread can be joined at stages 4 above using a reef knot.
• A tapestry or other blunt needle. I like a size 18 tapestry needle for the thicker thread (#5 perla and 4ply yarn) and size 22 for a finer thread
• A pair of scissors

Once you have registered, I will send you a worksheet a few days before the workshop and a zoom meeting invite on the morning of the workshop. If you require a ring, thread or needle please give at least seven working days for delivery if in the UK, longer if from overseas and request this in the additional info box when booking.


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