Museums in Dorset

Welcome to our latest blog, where this time we embark on a fascinating journey through the museums of Dorset. We will explore the rich heritage and captivating stories hidden within these wonderful spaces. From historical artifacts to interactive exhibitions, we’ll delve into the diverse and vibrant museum landscape of Dorset, uncovering the past and embracing the present.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, art lover, or simply curious about the wonders of this beautiful county, this blog will serve as your guide to the ever-growing world of museums in Dorset.


Museum of East Dorset

Naturally, we must begin with our own pride and joy – a visit to the Museum of East Dorset is a must.

Transport yourself through time as you explore our historic house, and tales of those who came before. Engage with historic collections, exhibitions, and delve into the vibrant history of Wimborne Minster and East Dorset. Whether it’s the allure of Roman art or the nostalgia of a vintage kitchen, our offerings cater to all interests. Relax in our tea room with a refreshing beverage, delectable cakes, and seasonal treats or enjoy our beautiful garden.



Russell Cotes Museum

In 1901, Merton Russell-Cotes presented his wife, Annie, with a dream house perched on the Eastcliff of Bournemouth, offering breath taking sea views. They adorned this exotic coastal villa with exquisite treasures from their global voyages, while decorating the walls with an astonishing assemblage of British art. As a result, they created a unique atmosphere in this stunning location. A residence, an art gallery, and a museum. They kept its true spirit intact and passed it on to future generations, preserving it unchanged.



Lyme Regis Museum

Uncover a history spanning 200 million years, from the incredible findings of fossil hunter Mary Anning to the writers who drew inspiration from the town.

Lyme Regis Museum is a magnificent architectural treasure, perched on a hill with panoramic views of Lyme Bay and the Jurassic Coast. It brims with the fascinating historical and cultural heritage of the town. In addition to a wealth of activities, the museum offers an informative fossil walk that you can book, providing knowledge and exploration opportunities.



Dorset County Museum

The Dorset Country Museum holds valuable collections that are renowned both nationally and internationally. These collections provide insights into Dorset’s natural world, archaeology, history, art, and culture.

Visit the Dorset Country Museum to explore and embrace the wealth of Dorset’s natural, historical, and cultural heritage. Their primary goal is to foster an appreciation for their county and how the people of Dorset have contributed to a broader understanding of the world.

Through exciting and enjoyable public programs and exhibitions, they strive to inspire learning, expand knowledge, and connect with as many people as possible.



Bournemouth Aviation Museum

Bournemouth Aviation Museum offers a captivating experience for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The museum showcases a remarkable collection of aircraft, including both military and civilian planes, helicopters, and interactive displays. You can even sit in the cockpits of select aircraft. With its engaging exhibits and hands-on experiences, Bournemouth Aviation Museum offers a memorable journey into the world of aviation. Let your imagination take flight as you envision yourself as a pilot, gripping the controls and embarking on an adventure to any destination of your choosing.



Of course this is just a small selection of the Museums in Dorset, but we hope it gives you a flavour of what’s on offer.