Millstream Theatre

Millstream Theatre is the museum’s theatre group. It is a company of actors with learning disabilities from East Dorset and beyond, who meet to create original storytelling and drama. Our monthly drama workshops are run by local theatre practitioners Tam Gilbert (Persuasion Arts) and Tony Horitz (State of Play Arts). The ongoing project is funded by Arts Council England, the Rotary Club and East Dorset District Council.

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Exciting News!

Millstream’s film, Searching for Echo, originally made for the event at the Museum of East Dorset last March,  was submitted to the prestigious Oska Bright Film Festival of learning disabled artists in Brighton. We recently heard it has been accepted, which is really exciting!

We want to take all the Millstream actors in the film to the event, leaving on Monday 11th March 2024, that’s 14 in total, including 5 support workers. However, we need your help to fund it! Please follow the link and make a donation if you can. It would be VERY much appreciated!

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Millstream Theatre Sessions

These take place regularly on a Saturday in the Garden Room at the Museum of East Dorset.

The sessions involve:

  • Exploring the Museum of East Dorset
  • Creating Performances
  • Learning new acting skills

Experienced actors (age 16+) are always welcome- Come and join in!

If you’d like to help fund this project or join the team of volunteers, we’d love to hear from you!

For more information please email: [email protected]

Latest Performance at ‘Glow Badbury’


Glow Badbury was an exciting community project which was put on with partnership between Emerald Ant, National Trust Kingston Lacy and the Museum of East Dorset that celebrated the special Iron Age hillfort of Badbury Rings.

It was held on 29th and 30th of September 2023 on a clear warm night at Badbury rings where visitors experienced a magical display of artwork, puppet theatre, musical accompaniments and a live drama production highlighting an historical event at the rings.

Millstream Theatre took to the ancient grounds to performance ‘Almost Forgotten’, a story about the Clubmen of 1645, who were involved in the English Revolution.







What our group members said about their last historical performance…

  • Shaine thought it was, ‘Quite epic. Very historical, very true in fact to life
  • Alan felt this was especially relevant to the many children in the audience: ‘A good history lesson, especially for the children. I hope it’s made them learn about how terrible war is’.
  • For Dave, the historical context resonated strongly with his own deep feelings about the horror of war in the world today: ‘My favourite part was saying my line: “We demand peace”. I liked it because that’s what I’d like to do in real life. I’d like to stand in a war zone and call out “We demand peace” and I’d love the tanks to stop and the bombs to stop. I’d really love to demand peace and I’d love people to agree’.
  • For Amy, the story of the Clubmen also worked as an important analogy for marginalised people today: “…it reminded me of some of the battles we are going through today. They (the Clubmen) were like the outcasts of the society back then, like we are to a degree today…..Outcasts is probably a more polite term for those who don’t fit in to what people perceive as the normal – because people don’t see them and don’t know what they‘re going through; or they’re not as loud, so people don’t necessarily know what their story is…That aspect was very rich – to teach people about that history was very admirable…’