Creative Careers Week 13-17th November

Creative Careers Week 13-17th November:

Meet some of the Team at the Museum…



Museum Director:

Chezzie Hollow

As the museum director, Chezzie manages and oversees all the work carried out at the Museum of East Dorset and ensures the smooth running of the operation. She supervises staff, sets targets, controls budgets and has the final say on exhibits and displays. She is responsible for long-term planning, policies and research conducted within the museum. Directors are the equivalent to the chief executive officer of a corporation. 

Becoming a museum director typically involves a combination of education, relevant experience, and networking within the museum and cultural institution community. A postgraduate degree in relevant studies may increase your chances of getting a museum director’s job offer. 

Remember that the path to becoming a museum director can vary, and each individual’s journey may differ based on factors such as the type of museum, its size, and specific requirements of the position. Building a strong foundation of education, experience, and networking will increase your chances of securing a museum director role.

Business and Visitor Experience Manager:

Lindsay Lawrence

As the Business and Visitor Experience Manager in a museum, Lindsay plays a crucial role in ensuring that the institution operates efficiently, meets its financial goals, and provides a positive and engaging experience for visitors.

She manages budgets across the various departments within the museum, tearoom and shop as well as monitors financial performance, analyses data and makes strategic recommendations. She collaborates with all departments to enhance the overall visitor experience and implements strategies to engage and captivate visitors.  Lindsay is also responsible for all marking and promotional events across all digital, social media and other channels to reach  a broader audience. She also has responsibility for managing staff in the business and visitor experience departments, fostering a positive work environment and encouraging teamwork. 



Head of Collections:

Rob Gray

As the Head of Collections, Rob’s role has a central responsibility for overseeing and managing the museum’s collections, exhibitions, and research efforts. The Head of Collections plays a critical role in shaping the museum’s identity through the management and presentation of its collections. Strong leadership, organizational skills, and a deep understanding of museum best practices are essential for success in this position.

Events Officer: Sharon Sutcliffe 

As the Events Officer at a museum, Sharon’s role involves planning, coordinating, and executing various events to engage the community, attract visitors, and support the museum’s mission. As an Events Officer, creativity, attention to detail, excellent organizational and communication skills, and a passion for creating memorable experiences are essential for success in this dynamic and engaging role.

Visitor Experience & Operations Officer:

Annika Lennox

Annika has a multifaceted role within the museum, covering a range of responsibilities. Annika’s role is pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of various aspects of the museum, from hospitality and facilities management to volunteer coordination and compliance. Strong organizational, leadership, and communication skills are crucial for success in this diverse and demanding role.

Learning and Community Engagement Officer:

Lara Longford

As a Learning and Community Engagement Officer, Lara plays a crucial role in developing and implementing educational programs, fostering community connections, and promoting engagement with the museum. Lara’s role as a Learning and Community Engagement Officer involves a combination of educational program development, community outreach, and collaboration with various stakeholders to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment within the museum. Strong communication skills, creativity, and a passion for education and community engagement are essential for success in this role.