Community Exhibition

Pots with Stories

26th Oct – 15th Dec 2020:


Do You Have a Pot with a Story?

The oh-so-humble pot has contributed so much to our knowledge of the past. Throughout the ages, pots have been used for cooking, serving and storage. Plain and serviceable or highly decorated objects of beauty, they tell us so much about cultures and societies that have gone before. Not so humble after all!

So, to tie in with our exhibition, and in celebration of this modest but important artefact, we would love you to tell us your stories of your own personal favourite pot! Do you still have the pot in which your grandmother cooked your favourite meal or a pot in which you keep something that’s very precious to you?

Just email a photo of your pot and explain why it’s special to you (max 100 words) to: [email protected]. You can include your name to run alongside it or remain anonymous if you prefer.

The pots and their stories, along with a selection from the museum, will form an exhibition on social media #potswithstories.

And if you don’t have a pot and story of your own, you can still take part in the exhibition by visiting the exhibition on Facebook, Instagram or twitter and liking and commenting on your favourite images. It’ll be pots of fun!